Overcome the first page fear of your Bullet Journal with these awesome and creative layouts!

5 Awesome Ways To Use The First Page of Your Bullet Journal

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Whether you’re starting your first ever Bullet Journal, or just starting a new notebook, the first-page fear is real! And while I wish I had some super awesome tip for you that could get rid of this fear completely, I do not. What I do have for you is 5 fun things you can do on the first page of your Bullet Journal that will take some of the stress away, and get you excited for your Bullet Journal journey!

The first page of your journal should be something special! It is often the first page that will fall open and is the easiest to intentionally flip too! For this reason, I think it is important to be intentional about what you want to use this page for.

Sure, you could use the first page for something simple like an index or key. But seriously, where is the fun in that!?

Instead, these 5 layouts will help you organize your thoughts, be clear about your intentions, and help keep you motivated to use your Bullet Journal! So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Supplies Needed

You do not need any special supplies for these first page layouts! I encourage you to use whatever supplies bring you joy!

Start by reading through this blog post and picking your favorite first-page idea! Once you know which one you are going to do, think about how you will set it up, and what supplies you will use! Some fun ideas could include;

  • Colored pens and markers
  • Washi Tape
  • Stickers
  • Ribbon
  • Photos
  • Magazine Cut-Outs

Plus, whatever else you can think of!

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The 5 Bullet Journal First Page Layout Ideas!

1.      A Quote or Affirmation That Is Important to You This Year

Your favorite quote or an affirmation along with some doodles or pretty lettering can be a great first-page layout idea!

Quotes and affirmations are a great way to keep you motivated and focused on the end result you desire. Having this on an easily accessible page will ensure it is kept top of mind, and always there to inspire when needed!

And if you would like to take it even a step further, make a collage of quotes or affirmations!

2.      Word of the Year

A word of the year layout is a great way to use up that first page in your Bullet Journal. Spend less time stressing about making that first page perfect, and instead focus on  how you can use that page to be intentional about what you want to focus on!

An alternative to setting goals or new years resolutions is to choose a word of the year that describes a personality trait you want to focus on for the year or month.

Some examples of this could be;

  • Generous
  • Forgiveness
  • Learning
  • Patience
  • Abundance
  • Family

Once you have chosen a word that speaks to you, and what you aim to be better at, you can create an entire layout on the first page of your Bullet Journal that speaks to this word.

*If you are looking for a full list of ideas, be sure to check out this post from thegoalchaser.com! There are 300 ideas in this post, so you are sure to find something that will work for you!

Start by writing your word at the top of the page or somewhere in the middle. From there, you can write down supporting habits and actions you can do that will help you take steps towards being more of whatever you are aiming to be!

If you were going to focus on being generous, you might include things like;

  • Work at a soup kitchen
  • Volunteer with a local animal rescue organization
  • Donate food to the food drive once a month
  • Plant a tree
  • Shovel your neighbors walk

Write down as many supporting actions or habits that you can think of! Once complete, you can flip back to this page regularly, and choose a new habit or action that will help you stay on track of your word of the year!

3.      Set Your Goals!

Whether you are starting a new Bullet Journal for the New Year, or this is your first Bullet Journal, setting goals for the year is super important to move forward in life, and what better place to put it than on the first page of your Bullet Journal!

Of course, if you prefer to stick to setting traditional goals, then a goal layout is the way to go!

Whether you are doing this at the start of a new year or picking this up at a somewhat random time (like May), outlining your goals is super important! And of course, having this layout at the beginning of your Bullet Journal will keep you mindful of them, and makes it easy to jump back to them often as you are planning out your days, weeks and months.

If you are in a situation where you find yourself working on one big goal, I would dedicate your entire first page to that big goal! Include the specifics of your goal, what action/s you need to take, what you will need to learn, habits you will need to develop, etc.

If you find yourself with multiple bite-sized goals, I highly recommend you split your page up into the different categories that your goals fall into, and write a brief description of what each goal is (see the above layout for inspiration!)

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4.      An About Me Layout!

Your Bullet Journal should be about you and for you! So what better way to use the first-page than as an about me layout?

This layout can be as detailed or as simple as you want, but there are endless ideas of what you could include!

  • Favorite Music
  • Books To Read
  • Favorite Movies
  • Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Job/School
  • Dreams and Ambitions
  • Pets
  • Family
  • Relationship
  • Favorite Quotes
  • Hobbies

This layout will be fun to come back to later in life to see where you were when you worked in this journal!

5.      Create A Vision Board

This is such a fun and stress-free way to use the first page of your Bullet Journal! A vision board can be as simple or as creative as you want and can include so many different things!

  • Books you want to read
  • Movies you want to watch
  • Places you want to travel
  • Quotes that inspire you
  • Goals for the month, quarter or year
  • Activities you want to do

And, your vision board can be created using any supplies you have handy!

  • Pictures
  • Magazine cut out’s
  • Pen, paper, and scissors
  • Stickers

This inspirational board is sure to be something you will enjoy flipping back to often!

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Hopefully, you found an inspiring way to use the first page of your Bullet Journal, and you are ready to dive into your journal!

Do you have any other creative ways you can use the first page of your Bullet Journal for? Be sure to share your ideas in the comments below!

Until next time!

The first page of your Bullet Journal can be used for something that is really important to you and that will set you up for amazing success this year!

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