Get ideas for how you can track the books you are reading in your Bullet Journal.

Books I’ve Read Layout Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

Last Updated on May 31, 2022 by Keri

Whether you are looking to read more this year, find inspiration to more, or simply to track what you are reading and your top takeaways, you will definitely love these ‘Books I’ve Read’ layouts that you can set up inside your own Bullet Journal!

Reading has proven to be very beneficial for us. It is known to provide mental stimulation, reduce stress, and improve your memory. Depending on what types of books you like to read, it can also provide a great opportunity for us to learn something new!

And utilizing a book tracker in your Bullet Journal will:

  • motivate you to read more
  • help you track what you are reading
  • be a way to list what other books you want to read (so you don’t forget any!)
  • note down your key takeaways (really good for learning and/or personal development books)
  • rate the book

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Bullet Journal List Of Books

This style layout could actually be used in a couple different ways – you could list out the books you have read, or you could even use it is as bucket list of books you want to read!

Bullet Journal Bookshelf Reading Tracker

These bookshelf style trackers have become very popular in the Bullet Journal community, and for good reason! They are super cute.

When creating this layout, you can go as minimalist or as decorated as you would like. Simply draw in your shelves, the books, and then the rest is up to you and your personal style!

Included below are some more minimalist styles, and then also some really pretty decorated/themed layouts!

The Bullet Journal Book Of Books Tracker

Another really popular Bullet Journal layout to use as a book tracker is using a drawing of an actual book. Then, you use each individual page to track the books you have read.

Again, this layout can be really clean and simple, or you can decorate it!

Bullet Journal Book Layouts With Rating

If you like to rate the books that you read, then you will definitely want to check out these layout ideas!

Rating books can be really useful if you like to re-read your favourite books. But it is also just nice to take some time to reflect on what you have just read and any thoughts you have.

Some of these layouts even include space to write down your favourite quote or takeaway from the book.

Bullet Journal Layout With Pages Tracker

If you have a goal to read a certain amount of pages, then you will definitely want to include a tracker to help you track how many pages you are reading!

This tracker can be the only layout you include in your journal, or it can be paired with another style layout like a rating system layout or a list style layout.

Individual Book Layout

And last, but not least, we have a Bullet Journal layout dedicated entirely to one book.

This style layout could be really useful if you:

  • like to do book reviews
  • do bookstagram
  • if you are reading learning/development books

This style layout will give you room to take lot’s of notes and reflect on what you are reading!

Final Thoughts

I hope you found some inspiration from these amazing Instagram accounts, and perhaps you are ready to include your own book spreads in your Bullet Journal!

As you can see by the variety in the examples included in this blog post, there really are a ton of great ways you can use your Bullet Journal to track what you are reading, how many pages, your book ratings, notes, and more!

Create a Books I've Read layout for your Bullet Journal! Give each book a rating, or write out your favorite part!

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