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Keri Baker

I will teach you how you can use a Bullet Journal to plan an intentional life.


The Plan Is Simple...

Get Your Bullet Journal Setup

First, you need to get your Bullet Journal set up. But don't sweat it! I will show you how to get started step by step with simple minimalist layouts that you can leave as-is, or you can decorate to your hearts content!

Get The Essentials Organized

Next, it is time to get all the important areas of your life organized. This includes things like budgets, work, kids, self care, home, and more!

Become The Master Of Productivity

Productivity and time management are going to be key in you taking control of your life, and planning intentionally. Learn different productivity strategies, and how you can use your journal to implement them.

Work Towards Your Big Goals

Now that you have all the different areas of your life organized, you can start to turn your big dreams into reality! Learn how you can add goal setting into the mix, and still maintain the other areas of your life without dropping too many balls!

Track Your Results

Finally, learn how to measure your results. This includes seeing your results as they happen, maintaining your journal going forward, and being able to implement new techniques and strategies within your journal for better success.

Square Profile

From overwhelmed to completely organized...

Before I discovered the Bullet Journal, my life was a mess. Nothing was organized. My house was a mess. Most of our meals consisted of fast food. I was not actively working towards any of my goals. Basically, I was just muddling through life with no purpose or intention. 

Thankfully, that all changed when I started to use my Bullet Journal! I finally took charge of my life, got organized, and started working towards a big dream I have had for several years now! 

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Get step by step instructions for my favorite minimalist monthly layout!

Looking to leverage your layouts to be more productive, be more intentional with your time, and maybe even achieve some of your goals? Learn how you can start to plan intentionally with just this one layout!

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